Friday, January 31, 2014

Hearthstone - Open Beta Thoughts

 I did a post after just a few weeks in Hearthstone back at the beginning of the Beta over at Cold’s Gold Factory: Play HearthstoneOverview & First Thoughts and now that we are in Open Beta I wanted to close out my thoughts. What have they been doing right, how I think the opening will do, and other random musings? 

I did a post for beginners back in October (Hearthstone:Philosophy for Beginners) that may be of some use as the advice is relevant even if the cards or the ‘meta’ [means what is popular right now] have changed. This post now will not be a preparation style post or anything for the new players coming into Hearthstone.

Once Open Beta started I got my wife to run through “Day One” activities on her account getting a perspective from a non-gamer. My views on the tutorial and mode layouts remain mostly unchanged. The tutorial is adequate only lacking in areas such as targeting (hitting the wrong thing with damage or a buff is common for beginners) and had enough ‘story’ elements to it to keep interest. Of course Ranked mode in proper has been added to the game now and while there are no direct rewards for what rank you reach, there is at least an incentive built into the system to continue playing and the effectiveness of these little ‘carrots’ (ranking up) cannot be understated. 

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