Monday, April 16, 2012

Ethical discussion on the botting/duping explosion

The preparation for Mists of Panderia series of posts have not stopped. I am currently working on the next
part of the series. The previous two parts are available below and look for part three soon™.
Mists of Panderia Preparation Pt1 - Enchanting
Mists of Panderia Preparation Pt2 - Space Management

Today though, I wanted to discuss another dilemma we are facing while making end of expansion gold
and preparing for Mists – Gold seller activity is expanding greatly. If it hasn’t hit your smaller server yet, it
, up until a few days ago I noticed no increased suspicious activity and now out of no where you can’t
use the AH or stand in Stormwind/Orgrimmar without being bombarded by players breaking the Terms of
Service. I want to start by stating I would never condone using methods to break the ToS or buying
gold from these services – This post is meant to stir discussion about how to deal with their presence.