Monday, May 26, 2014

Analysis of Argument: Developers Think Minority Players are 'Worthless'

On Friday an article made waves through the WoW themed twitter bases and as always I play catch up to these things because I follow the very edges of this community having only really concerned myself with gold making while I was in the game.  The article in question is obviously Polygon’s opinion piece Erasing your audience isn't 'fun' written by Todd Harper. In the article he is described as an MIT researcher in their Game Lab specializing in eSports and queer/gender representation in games. 

When I was going through the article and organizing what I thought about this it became clear that I needed to separate my thoughts (and now by extension my post) into my analysis of points and arguments brought up in the source piece and then distant from that decide how I think this subject matter in general affects games and ‘gaming culture’ so bear with me as I first break down the article and then ramble through a much more generalized opinion maybe later.