Friday, December 30, 2011

YouTube - Mobile Auction House Overview

I was sitting around last night thinking of the best way to express how useful and how much fun the Remote AH subscription has been for me since I signed up going on two months ago. After deciding that I had not made a YouTube video in quite some time I set out to find a convenient method of recording the "action" of the Android WoW Armory app. Here is the video that followed explaining the basic usage of the application...

Big Props to AShot for making this video possible.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Insert Witty Transmog Title :)

The preview window is too narrow, AMIRITE?

I have been able to log in to WoW very minimally the last two weeks. I took this as an opportunity to dump my normal markets of gems and patterns for a bit and focus my small amount of attention on transmogging. My initial week of testing was devoted to weapons only. Why? Because there are far fewer weapons than their are armor sets so jumping in the water isn't so deep. Also, the weapon is commonly the largest and most distinguishing piece of any look someone is making which makes them popular; for this same reason I consider shields in this "weapon class" as well. At the moment I am only dipping my toes into serious armor set flipping so this post will mostly discuss some things I have learned from weapon selling. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Security Reminders

Doesn't that interface make you want to stab someone? 
 I was reading some stories about botched scamming attempts this week and thought this was a perfect time to do one of those PSA posts. Now I discuss how important it is to protect your account and all that gold you are apparently making if these types of blogs interest you. Some are obvious to most of us we'd like to tell ourselves; I even had my account taken during Wrath though. Blizzard was great to get everything back quickly but my ego was a goner. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Patch 4.3 First Week Experiences

My Auctions Window looked a lot like this the entire first three days. 
Patch 4.3 dropped on Tuesday this week and I must say I've had quite a bit more enjoyment this time around versus 4.2 where I was left with too small a supply to sale anything and the content did not fit my play style. Here in list form are some of my initial experiences and observations on the new patch.