Sunday, February 19, 2012

Predictions for 2012; Why I didn’t stockpile Holiday Pets/Mounts

Got tired of the sword sheaths to the back :)

In order to discuss selling mounts and especially pets for MoP you have to first discuss the release
schedule for big 2012 titles. Most people wanting to get the most out of their investment have to sale
at exactly the right time. A few of us had a small conversation about this during one of Jim’s livestreams the other day, with a few opinions on release schedule and when the best times to sale will

Friday, February 10, 2012

Transmog Weapon List

My whore...I mean Weapon Seller...Yea

No one that I follow on Twitter has made a weapon list for transmog yet so I am taking it upon myself to start one. By no means is this a complete list and I'll be editing this page as I feel it warranted to do so.

My own set of "rules" or boundaries for the list are as follows:
  1. Weapon sales are slow. Even the "top tier" BoE weapons tend to rot a bit on the AH. For that reason, I will try to only list items I know have solid sales records with myself and others. 
  2. I do not sale Wands, Daggers, Guns, Fist weapons, or [Cross]Bows. Fists just aren't used, Wands aren't seen yet, Guns/Bows are bland and super slow sellers, and the hand-restrictions on Daggers make them frustrating to use for Transmog.
  3. I provide no solid tier pricing. Since weapons are much harder sales than armor I will assume those that dig into it enough to search and sale weapons have a good feel for their server's transmog market. I do however sort the weapons in a "Tier" order with the best on top.   

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favorite Item (a JCing original)

My professional artist duplication of a Frozen Orb. Like a Boss.

Yes, the Frozen Orb is probably my favorite item, at least in gold making. These were the "Primal Nether" of WOTLK dropping from bosses in heroic dungeons. Now-a-days they typically spend their days with dozens of their cousins and odd uncles rotting in the AH for single digit gold prices. It really is a shame given that these little guys carry so much potential that seems to be untapped on the few servers I've seen...