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Mists of Panderia Preparation Pt1 - Enchanting

Today's post is the first in a series of posts I have brainstormed on possible ways you can prepare for Mists of Panderia so you can cash in on all the new pandas, monks, and people that just generally come back for start-of-expansion. I will attempt to cover all of the heirloom enchants; those enchants that best fit heirloom items or "twink bracket" no level requirement enchants for those slots without heirlooms.

Cloak - Stealth (All Physical)
+8 Agility/+8 Dodge

Cloak - Superior Defense (All Caster)
+70 armor

Resistance is being removed from the game so these are the only viable heirloom cloak enchants. Stealth should have low competition as well since it takes work to obtain the pattern. If BC herbs don't flood your server you can attempt to bottleneck others by buying up the Fel Lotus.

Chest - Greater Stats (All Characters)
+4 All Stats

Chest - Stats (All Characters)
+3 All Stats

Chest - Major Health (All Characters)
+100 Health

Greater Stats pattern is a very rare world drop and will sale for a hefty premium. Major Health will be the budget friendly option but expect major (pun intended) competition because it is from a vendor and takes almost no materials to craft.

Weapon/2H - Agility (Agility Physical)
+15/+25 Agility

Weapon - Crusader (Strength Physical)
Procs ~100hp heal and +100 Strength for 15 sec

Weapon - Strength (Strength Physical)
+15 Strength

Weapon - Mighty Intellect (All Casters)
+22 Intellect

Weapon - Spellpower (All Casters)
+30 SP

I've listed both caster enchants even though Mighty Intellect is better because we don't yet completely know how MoP will change the numbers, and plenty of people favor the SP even now. Similarly, Strength is sometimes taken over Crusader because at higher levels Crusader starts to scale down. None of these are trainer taught.

Boots - Minor Speed (All Characters)
+8% run speed

Boots - Greater Agility (Agility Physical)
+7 Agility

Boots - Greater Stamina (All Others)
+7 Stamina

Yes, I realize there are no heirloom boots. Sales have been reserved for twinks before now, but I expect the influx of new characters to bring enough sales to stock them. Greater Agility is easy to corner by drying up Wildvines' already extremely limited supply.

Gloves - Superior Agility (Agility Physical)
+15 Agility

Gloves - Greater Strength (Strength Physical)
+7 Strength

Gloves - Minor Haste (All Characters)
+10 Haste Rating

Gloves - X Power (Various Casters)
+16 SP/+20 SP of specific schools.

Unlike Boots, I question if it will be worth it in the short term to stock up on all the various glove enchants since they are so specific in both function and materials which limits the potential of each. I will stock Superior Agility and Healing Power at least. All of them except Strength should be low competition as they are all either vanilla raid drop patterns or have a limiting reagent.

Shield - Vitality (All Shield-Bearers)
+10 Stamina/+10 Spirit

No heirloom shield, but you are already stocking the materials required for this enchant and I rarely see them listed despite being the best viable option pre-BC enchants. An honorable mention is Shield - Lesser Parry, which doesn't make the list because only very specific characters would want it and the pattern is one of the rarest.

Bracer - Healing Power (All Casters)
+15 SP

Bracer - Greater Intellect (All Casters)
+7 Intellect

Bracer - Greater Strength (Strength Physical)
+7 Strength

Bracer - Superior Stamina (All Characters)
+9 Stamina

I only suggest any of these enchants because you'll already be stocking the materials for heirloom enchants. Same warning goes for all non-heirloom slots - number of sales will depend on server. Both SP and Intel variants are given for the same reason as weapons - It may be determined well before release which will be better for the average caster.

Below is a list of all materials for a snatch list needed by the enchants mentioned in this post. The most popular have always been agility and SP enchants as well as all weapon enchants. Since monks will be Agility/Intel based I don't see the demographic changing much so your important materials to stock up on (choke points) are Essence of Air, Primal Air, and depending heavily on server possibly, Fel Lotus.   

Essence of Fire
Essence of Water
Essence of Undeath
Essence of Air
Essence of Earth
Righteous Orb
Golden Pearl
Primal Air
Lesser Nether Essence
Greater Nether Essence
Lesser Eternal Essence
Greater Eternal Essence
Greater Planar Essence
Small Radiant Shard
Large Radiant Shard
Small Brilliant Shard
Large Brilliant Shard
Small Prismatic Shard
Dream Dust
Illusion Dust
Fel Lotus

The Shards/Essence/Dust can all be obtained from destroying scans in TSM (or from several AH addons). "Shard runs" through Vanilla dungeons yield good results for those as well. One run through Blackrock Spire can net you a stack of Large Brilliant Shards. Scholomance can similarly produce Small Radiant Shards, and Zul'Farrak produces Large Radiant Shard.

The Dust/Essence often can be cheaply obtained from crafted items if other materials are lower in price on your server.  Essence of Air is the only Essence worth farming and most use the elementals in northern Silithus (The Crystal Vale). It may be worth it to use your daily transmute to produce them from the much cheaper Essence of Water as well if Truegold/Volatiles have bombed out. Credit goes to Faid for teaching me about this.

Righteous Orbs come from Stratholme live side, and [only if they are selling well] Wildvine is a random pick from Purple Lotus which post-Cata is almost all in Felwood. Everything else I'd just search and pick up cheap on the AH. Primal Air is included in that - It has always been notoriously slow to farm. Elementals in Nagrand don't drop very many motes, and engineer mote-extractor clouds have horrible respawn timers. It may be worth it if your AH is completely dry though.

Next post should be...Non-Enchanting Crafts. Stay tuned in the next few days.


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