Sunday, February 19, 2012

Predictions for 2012; Why I didn’t stockpile Holiday Pets/Mounts

Got tired of the sword sheaths to the back :)

In order to discuss selling mounts and especially pets for MoP you have to first discuss the release
schedule for big 2012 titles. Most people wanting to get the most out of their investment have to sale
at exactly the right time. A few of us had a small conversation about this during one of Jim’s livestreams the other day, with a few opinions on release schedule and when the best times to sale will

*I have to warn you beforehand all of my opinions are pure speculation on my part based on the limited
information provided officially.

Q2 – Diablo 3
Q3 – Guild Wars 2 and MoP Beta
Q4 – MoP

I believe Diablo 3 will be coming sooner rather than later. It is basically ready including the Blizzard
balance that stands mostly useless until D3 release. Also, WoW subscriptions are waning down in late
patch/expansion and I am sure they’d prefer the people to flood into their game versus the competition.
They probably want to beat any other relevant titles coming out to give Diablo 3 a few months “alone”
as well. Guild Wars 2 I have heard is shooting for a June-July release. I’m not sure if Blizzard will turn out
an unexpected 4.4 “Ruby Sanctum” patch (leaning towards no and just having a longer 5.0), but either
way I see them releasing MoP beta for invites/annual passes around that timeframe and open beta

This all leads to one conclusion – I see MoP being released no sooner than Q4. What does this mean in
relation to the huge “Holiday Pets are now BoE” push? Well, my outlook for Hallows End Squashlings
looks grim. Although during the event people didn’t know the pets would be BoE they were just so
common that the supply far outstripped the demand for stocking them and people have amassed guild
bank tabs full of them for selling when MoP Pet Battles hit. With my prediction of MoP being in Q4 I
just don’t see anyone being able to liquidate that many pets before Hallows End comes around again
and makes them effectively worthless (unless Blizzard retires them). Especially considering there will be
weeks of bargain basement prices on them as people throw stockpiles of them on the AH.

The Love is in the Air items should fair a bit better. There is a longer grace period through the holidays
before supplies are restocked and even though we knew from the start they were BoE the lovely
charms/token system limited the supply. I’d even wager that far more tokens (total) were spent
towards the mount as opposed to the pet. The mount is unique in the discussion as its demand I don’t
see as tied to MoP. Your ability to flip them for any decent amount over the 10k that they were floating
at will largely depend on your server and how many people had the capital and mind to stock up on
more than one or two.

Those are just my thoughts. For those that were thinking about stockpiling these and don’t have the
unlimited capital and patience I have always suggested against putting a high percentage of your liquid
funds into things like these. When your total capital is lower I suggest going into the basics that will
always sale (post likely coming in the future as to what I’m looking at with MoP). “Takes money to make
money”/ “The more money you have the easier it is to get more” are adages that is true only because
the more money you have the larger investments you can make and risks you can take. I see more
people try gold making and say that its “stupid” and quit because they tried to invest and sale something they read on a site and it backfired in their face. I think most people with gold started about the same,
not making big investments flipping things but by selling gems, or glyphs, or elixirs, etc. Since I’m totally
off on a tangent now I will wish everyone a great day and let us all have fun real soon with our free
copies of Diablo 3.


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