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2012 is here!

I just thought, my last picture could almost pass as

21 days ago, yes. I want to start my second wall of text post with a little explanation in case someone was wondering why I wrote a blog semi-actively for two months before telling a soul. Simply, I started this blog as a way to spit out one take no editing thoughts I have about WoW and gold making and I wanted to make sure of a few things before it was "judged" per say. I'm no good at this and I wanted to make sure I could set myself to make meaningful posts at least every two weeks with no pressure to do so. My thoughts are that instantly throwing the blog out into people's hands before I knew I could or would do anything was setting myself up for failure. I'm confident that at least someone may get some enjoyment out of my writing and if I'm lucky I might spit out some advice that is good along the way too. Read on for my 2012 plans...

Starting the year I have jumped the Transmog bandwagon and for the moment completely left my gem market. I made this choice not for gold, but for time and to have something new to do. I have a good position on my server as the only serious item flipper for Transmog proposes. That being said it also comes with the fact that great pieces don't always show up and I'm not confident I can pull quite the numbers that are gotten elsewhere, though I have made a few hundred k from doing it. 

One of the best things I've tried this year so far was Power Word: Guild on Lightbringer-US. At first there was a great assortment of people making characters on that server and guild chats were entertaining. Regrettably once the "new" wore off it has been fairly deserted but I've stuck with that character I made mainly for the experience. First, it had been far too long since I leveled a character with no seed money and bags with BoA items and all this. It started many conversations about just how someone can start up on a server with nothing that didn't involve the classic old blogs and YouTube vids chanting the same ole mantras about "Don't buy gear", "Pick up and vendor everything", "Gathering professions until you can afford real ones", etc. I may even do a post about this soon (add it to the growing list!). Second, it was entertaining seeing the different server economy and how things changed in days as we rushed in all focused towards that auction house.

Transmog might be the thing we are all thinking about right now, but I want to also think ahead toward the next expansion. I'm expecting once official things start happening like the Beta things will move very quickly compared to the past. We are entering the end half of our last major content patch (people are getting the legendary, etc) and the pre-expansion patch is promising to me as something that can earn us money.  Then the expansion itself starts the cycle anew and anyone can make a choice on how to use their time and make a killing that first week or two. Of course we can all enjoy reading up on specifics once some open form of Beta is out and we start getting fed information.

This year I also suspect sooner more than later will ring in my one million gold marker. You may notice I don't really discuss my total gold amount much. This is because I find discussion  and tips and all this far more interesting than the proclamation that someone has X amount of gold. That being said, I believe that moment you see 999,999 should be celebrated, and I am roughly half way there; I had barely broke 500k before some purchases brought me down to my current ~430k total on my home server (in gold, have no fancy addons to add up the worth of my items yet unsold). I always have a problem with shiny things getting in the way of any "goal" for money. I'm that guy that buys the BoE raid gear for characters I know will never be in raid content.

Lastly, on a bit of non-WoW related news my wife and I are expecting and our boy is due in April. So whether or not anything at all happens in my WoW hobby it is set to be one crazy exciting year for sure. I don't "plan" on any game hiatus (beyond the one I'm possibly on right now anyway) for the time afterward but who really knows.

Every one have a great 2012 :)


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  1. Congrats on the bebe you two! I'm also enjoying playing around on Lightbringer. I'm going at a leisurely pace which I love.

    Also you're a stinker for keeping this blog a secret. What I've read so far is great. Thanks for (finally) sharing it with all of us!