Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 4: Do You Use a Banker alt/guild?

Keepin' her going...
This is my second post in a series inspired by Nev's 20 Days of Gold Making.

First thing first, yes I skipped two questions: what was your goal & at what point did you set it? and what were the first techniques/tricks/tips you used when starting out? The reason is they would be wastes as I never had a real goal past the one mentioned in my post Day 1: When Did You Start Gold Making And What Triggered It? and my techniques were quite simple at the start; mostly the ore shuffle.  I don't think we need more posts about how the saronite shuffle worked. *works :p*

So let us start Day "4"...

Do you use a banker alt/guild?

The short answer is yes.  Even before I was making gold I made a low level banking toon with "banker" in the name and everything. Toward the end of Burning Crusade she was leveled up to pump out elixirs and though she was replaced for main gold making proposes, she remains my disenchanter and primary alchemist. This paladin is still featured prominently in my videos and blog now (As shown on Transmog Weapon List). Speaking of the Transmog era, I converted an abandoned mage alt to be my transmog seller during that timeframe. They got their own guild bank and handled hundreds of transactions a day. Now they get logged into once a month to keep mail fresh. 

When did you start doing that & why?

Originally the banker was just because I had read about people having level 1 bank alts that they tricked out with nice gear and wanted to try it out. I lost interest pretty fast. The character did prove to hold up to it's name when I started saving for my epic flying form though. At the start of Wrath my shaman JCer took over the main jobs for gold making proposes. Now the paladin banker farms old content mostly while disenchanting stuff for me. The mage came out of necessity when the Transmog craze hit. I was juggling hundreds of transactions a day and needed space to hold everything. After the fever died down in that market the character just started collecting stuff in the guild bank I might use or sale later. They still have tons of Cata mats I have not cleared out for example.


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